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He/Him | ‘04 | english/spanish


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my account is multifandom! my dms are always open 💬! comments are so appreciated❤️❤️❤️ PSA im a very slow artist … 🐌
I love…
animated movies (esp dreamworks), CLOUDS ☁️, cats, and bears!!!!
no bigots(racist, transphobe, Zionist)! die now!!!!

Terms of service

Payment is taken upfront. I only accept PayPal and CashApp as payment. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let me know! If there is no deadline i may take up to a month or a couple weeks. no refunds. comms are always open! IMPORTANT: i have an unstable living situation and may be slow to respond at times. please be patient. Thank you all for your support!

Will do

  • Furries

  • NSFW

  • fanart

Won't do

  • Complicated designs

  • Hate speech

  • ”controversial” things are never allowed.